Montag, 30. Dezember 2013

#29 - Pursuit of Happiness

Don't we all want it? Don't we all miss it too often? I'm talking about happiness. Pure, safe, no-holds-barred happiness. That's what we are looking for, aren't we? And to become aware of not finding it when you are looking for it and wanting it so bad that you seem not to be able to probably one of the worst things ever.
We drown ourselfs in alcohol by trying to compensate the lack of confidence that a lot of us have without being careful and attentive enough to notice all these tiny, little things that might make us happier than anything else.
Think of smiles, reading a good book, having a coffee with a friend, listening to music, smoking a cigarette, seeing the sunset or just noticing a pleasant smell like freshly-baked rolls.
Why do we always look for something huge; That god stands in front of us with a blinding, sparkling halo and shows us the way? Even though we basically know that this will never happen...deep in our souls we sometimes hope for it.

I feel a bit better right now. I'm not happy yet but I started to remind myself of who I am, who he is and what the difference between us is.
'Step foward', they said and say all over again. And they're right. Why? Because this is the only option I have which won't destroy my personality.

Nightynight, world.♥

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